NTN Round Bore

NTN Round Bore

Bearings.Parts offers excellent pricing on genuine NTN square bore disc harrow bearings.  The best place for disc harrow bearings online.

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DC212TTRA, GW212PP Bearing for 330 Turbo - NTN

Dimension A:  1.780" RoundDimension B:   4.33" (110mm) Flat Dimension C:   ..


DC214TTR2, GW214PP2 Disc Harrow Bearing - NTN

InchmmA2.75570B4.921125C1.56239.69Round bore.  Flat OD. Greasable.Genuine NTN Bearing.  Fi..


DC214TTR3, GW214PP3 Disc Harrow Bearing - NTN

InchmmDiagram A:  2.68868.278Diagram B:4.9213125Diagram C:2.687568.262Diagram D:1.562539.68Genu..


DS208TT2A, W208PPB2 Disc Harrow Bearing - NTN

InchmmA1.538.1B3.149680C1.68842.87D.70918Curved OD.  Round Bore.  Prelube.Genuine NTN Bear..


DS209-TT4, W209PPB4 Disc Harrow Bearing - NTN

InchmmA1.538.1B3.34785C1.18830.2Round Bore.  Curved OD.  Prelube.Genuine NTN BearingFits d..


DS209-TT6E 1-3/4" Round Bore Disc Harrow Bearing - NTN

Diagram A:  1-3/4" RoundDiagram B:  3.441"Diagram C:  1.688"Diagram D:  1.312"Ge..


DS209TT2, W209PPB2 Disc Harrow Bearing - NTN

InchmmA1.7544.45B3.346585C1.18830.2Round Bore.  Curved OD.  Prelube.Genuine NTN Bearing.&n..


DS209TT6, W209PPB6, 24R-209E3 Disc Harrow Bearing - NTN

Diagram A:  1-1/2" RoundDiagram B:  3.438" (87mm)Diagram C:  1.188"Genuine NTN Bearin..


DS209TTR10, GW209PPB11 Disc Harrow Bearing - NTN

Dimension A:  1.781" RoundDimension B:   3.3465" Spherical Dimension C:   1..


DS209TTR4, GW209PPB4 Disc Harrow Bearing - NTN

Diagram A:  1-1/2" RoundDiagram B:  3.347"Diagram C:  1.188"Diagram D: 1.188"Greasabl..