The Importance of Bearings

Posted by Jeff 10/12/2015 0 Comment(s) The Bearing Market,

How important are ball bearings to the economy? Just imagine it's a war and you have the choice to either bomb a munitions plant or a ball bearing plant. Which would you choose?


If you are the fictional general planning the raids for the allies in WWII, you will of course choose the ball bearing plant. Which, in the “Swing Shift” episode of Hogan's Heroes is exactly the choice that was made. They couldn't bomb the munitions plant at Hammelburg for six weeks because the ball bearing plant at Schweinfurt was a higher priority. In fact, there are no fewer than three Hogans Heroes episodes devoted to the blowing up of ball bearing factories.


What is so important about a ball bearing factory that it would require Hogan and his team to have to sneak out of camp and risk their own lives blowing up a munitions factory? Without bearings, most modern machinery would not exist. There would be no cars, no air conditioners, no washing machines, no blenders, no airplanes, no spreaders—nothing. Bearings are in almost every machine that has parts moving fast or under a heavy load.


A customer from Maine just ordered some UC206-18 bearings for a sand/salt spreader. Without bearings, you would have icy roads.


So there you have it. If you ever find yourself at war and commanding a squadron of bombers: go for the bearing plant. Even if it means a team of POWs will have to resort to some wacky shennanigans and risk their lives to take out a munitions plant.

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