Amadas Replacement Bearings

Amadas Replacement Bearings

High quality replacement bearings to fit Amadas machinery.

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Replaces Amadas 3010 Special Ag bearing

Round bore, flat ODDimensionsinchmmA.62815.95B250.8C.5915Bearing for planters, gauge wheel, rotary h..


Replaces Amadas 3097 1-3/8" Insert Bearing with Locking Collar

IDODAB1-3/8"2.8346"0.7480"1.5315"`Replaces:New Holland:  47066Hesston: 50021KMC: 02-051-042Amad..


Replaces Amadas 3175 Cam Locking Insert Bearing 1-7/16"-bore - Made in USA

IDODABC1-7/16"72mm2.8346"20mm.7874"51.1mm2.0118"55.6mm2.189"Greasable.Name Brand Bearing.  Made..