GW211PPB21, CDS211TTR23 DISC HARROW BEARING for Krause 2410-11-0

GW211PPB21, CDS211TTR23 DISC HARROW BEARING for Krause 2410-11-0
Krause 2410-11-0 Disc Harrow Bearing Diagram

Dimension A:  1-3/4" 

Dimension B:   2.125"

Dimension C:   1.792"

Dimension D:   4.5"


High Quality Import.  Made in Taiwan.


Kuhn Krause Discs 1740-1767, 2400-2495, 5812-5824, 8300

Kuhn Krause Land Builder 4880 series

Kuhn Krause  Excelerator 8000-14, 8000-20, 8000-25, 8000-30, 8000-40, 8000-50

Landoll Weatherproofer disc ripper and disc chisel (use with original 1-1/2" I.D. bushing

Great Plains Kent: Discs w/2 pc. cast bearing housing 3323DH, 3326DH, 3329DH, 4330DH, 4333DH, 4336DH.

Turbo-Chopper to s/n A1809Y disc gang and chopper reel 1200TC, 1500TC, 1800TC, 2400TC, 3000TC, 4000TC.

Turbo-Max to s/n C3156H disc gang 1000TM, 1200TM, 1500TM, 1800TM, 2400TM, 3000TM, 300TM, 4000TM, 4800TM.

Turbo-Till s/n 2068NN to 5250NN disc gang 1000TT, 1200TT, 1500TT, 1700TT, 1800TT, 2200TT, 2400TT, 3000TT, 4000TT.

Turbo-Chisel to s/n A1851 TC5109, TC5111, TC5113, TC5115, TC5313, TC5315, TC5317, TC5319, TC5321, TC5323, TCN5107, TCN5309, TCN5311, TCN5313.

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Dimension A:  1-1/8" squareDimension B:   3.150"Dimension C:   1.438"Dimens..